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A window is more than just a window. The type of window and the window elements you select can vastly improve the functionality and aesthetics of your home. Views, natural light, air circulation, temperature, and space can all be enhanced with the perfect window. As a Houston homeowner surviving the heat and storms of the Gulf Coast region, the right replacement windows can make a huge difference in your quality of life and protection of your home.

Replacement Windows Houston


Our two top-rated lines allow you to select the style, color, grid type, performance and price point that’s right for you. Unlike other window suppliers, Paul Ryan Windows provides you with upfront pricing with no hidden upgrade costs for replacement windows and first-time installations.

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Paul Ryan Window SPECIAL

Quality Windows Made in Texas – Specially for Texas.
Paul Ryan’s window special line gets you strong window performance at the best overall value. Enjoy energy efficient window components and Low-E benefits at a fraction of the cost. Using Texas-sourced products, we offer property owners an economical option without compromising on quality or performance.

Our single hung window features energy-efficient ‘Warm Edge’ insulating glass, dual lift rails on the bottom sash for easy operation, and a removable bottom sash for easy cleaning.

The double hung window is designed with two sashes that tilt in for increased ventilation. Both are removable for easy and safe cleaning. Its locking pivot bar and shoe assembly enhance energy efficiency and the windows are double weatherstripped for extra protection against dust, dirt and noise. Integral lift handles make them easier to open.

Comfort and Consistency You Can Count On for Years and Years.

Our windows provides consistency you can count on. It is a top-of-the-line triple glazed, double Low-E window reinforced by full aluminum meeting rails and a foam-filled frame for added insulation and minimum penetration. With your choice of double or triple glass protection, your home is optimally protected against UV and solar radiation; a feature that provides remarkable control over the temperatures in your house. If you’re paying too much on your energy bill every month because of extreme temperature swings, these are the replacement windows for you.

At no additional cost, your glass is specially treated with Low-E coating to minimize penetration of ultraviolet and infrared light while still allowing the beauty of natural light to enter your home. Also included is a self-locking mechanism for ease of operation and added safety.

Choose from:

  • Double Hung, Sliding, Casement, Awning, Geometric, Picture
  • Four interior colors and multiple exterior colors by Vivid Color

Replacement Windows Houston


A Classic Style Perfect For Small Spaces.
Single-hung windows are one of the most economical window options, making them popular among high-volume residential developers. They are the best option for smaller spaces like walkways, porches, patios, and smaller rooms, because while other windows are pushed outward to open (and can potentially obstruct space), the bottom sash of a single-hung window slides upward. The top sash of the window is stationary, which provides better insulation compared to double hung windows. As a specialized window contractor, Paul Ryan Windows offers this classic window style in custom sizes to suit different frames and homes.

Single-hung windows are used alongside arch radius windows to allow ventilation of the home. For cleaning purposes, a single hung tilt window has a bottom sash that tilts inward to enable cleaning of the exterior face.


Get More While Maximizing Space and Minimizing Obstruction.
Just like a single-hung window, a double-hung window is ideal for maximizing space and minimizing obstruction. These are traditional windows that also slide up and down. But with both top and bottom sashes that open, double-hung windows allow homeowners more air circulation.

Double-hung tilt windows have sashes that tilt inward to allow cleaning of the window’s exterior. A window installer may recommend combining double-hung windows with picture or arch-radius windows for optimal ventilation.

Replacement Windows Houston

Replacement Windows Houston


Modern Look, Easy Functionality.
Horizontal sliding windows make great replacement windows for contemporary home designs. If you like a more modern look with easy functionality for your home, horizontal sliding windows are perfect for the new-age homeowner. With windows that glide from left to right, these sliding windows are easier to open, especially in hard-to-reach areas like above showers, kitchen counters, and sinks. Just like single-hung windows and double-hung windows, horizontal sliding windows do not protrude, so they are great for smaller spaces that don’t need the unnecessary obstructions. They are often used for bedroom and bathroom egress requirements.

Customers can select either a horizontal single slider window or double slider window, depending on the need for more insulation or ventilation. The double slider window’s two movable sliders provide more ventilation than a single slider.


Gorgeous Views. Abundant Natural Light.
For lovers of aesthetics and natural light, picture windows provide maximum views of the outdoor landscape. Picture windows do not open, so you can use them for decorative value or to allow more natural light into your home. If you’re concerned about ventilation, you can pair picture windows with single-hung windows or double-hung windows that you can open to allow air inside.

If you’re concerned about insulation, ask Paul Ryan Windows about insulated glass that will help keep your home at the right temperature. Picture windows make great window replacements for both traditional and modern styled homes.

Replacement Windows Houston

Replacement Windows Houston


Natural Light With a Touch of Elegance.
Upgrade the look of your home or business by using one or many ‘arch’ replacement windows. An arch or ‘radius’ window can also be installed atop an existing window or door frame for a more dramatic effect. Also known as round top, these windows add an elegant touch to windows or door and allow more natural light in.

You can choose from arch windows that are non-operating (cannot be opened) or ones that you can open for ventilating your home. Arch radius windows come in various sizes and shapes and can be customized with different grids and designs to suit your home.


A Full Outdoor View – Even Above the Kitchen Sink.
If you love openness and fresh air, casement windows provides maximum ventilation through their design – a window that is hinged at the side and swings open outward. By working with a professional window installer like Paul Ryan Windows, you can learn about different casement windows and how they open to different degrees. With no rails in the way, casement windows provide a complete view of the outdoors.

They are typically opened using a hard crank, and some can be pushed open. Casement windows are the ideal replacement windows for hard-to-reach window areas such as above countertops, sinks, and showers.

Replacement Windows Houston

Replacement Windows Houston


Ventilation During Rainy Days.
Awning windows work much like casement windows that open outward, except they are hinged at the top. When opened, awning windows protect the opening from the elements, which makes for great window replacements for Houston, Texas homeowners that deal with a lot of rainy weather. This awning-style window means you can ventilate your home even when it’s raining.

You can pair your awning windows with picture windows for ventilation. Just like casement windows, awning windows are typically opened with a hand crank.


Windows With a Focal Point.
If you’re looking for a window replacement that lightens up your master bedroom or dining room, an experienced window contractor like Paul Ryan Windows can explain how bay and bow windows are used to enhance the lighting and airiness of a home. Equal-sized panels of windows stretch across a big portion of your wall and concave outward, which enhances the perception of spaciousness in any room. With a wide view of the outdoor landscape, a bay or bow window creates a focal point for any home or business.

Compared to bow windows, bay windows protrude more, so they tend to better enhance the perception of spaciousness. Bow windows have more glass panels than bay windows, so they allow more light in the room. Both bay and bow windows can be paired with casement or single-hung windows for ventilation and additional light.

Replacement Windows Houston



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