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Types of Windows: Replacement Window Buying Guide

Are you getting ready to purchase new windows? Do you want to give your house a brand new look?

Replacement windows are the ultimate way to easily revamp your house.

Choosing the right window style isn’t always easy, though, especially when there are so many options out there.

That’s why we’re here with the ultimate replacement window buying guide. Read on to learn more about the different types of windows you can pick for your home.

Living room with residential window

Types of Windows

At Paul Ryan Windows, we offer the following window styles:

Single-Hung Windows

A single-hung window gives your home a classic look. With this type of window, the top sash (the part that holds the glass in place) is fixed (meaning it doesn’t move). The bottom sash can be moved to open the window and let air in.

Double-Hung Windows

Similar to single-hung windows, double-hung windows are another classic option. They are a bit more functional than single-hung windows and have operable top and bottom sashes. These flexible bottom sashes are often preferred on second story windows for easy cleaning.

Lots of people like to lower the top sash and raise the lower one. This lets warm air that gathers near the ceiling move out of the house while also letting cool air flow in through the bottom sash.

Most importantly, it makes them super easy to clean!

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are another popular option. These windows feature one or more panels that slide along a track horizontally. They make it easy for you to open half of your window to allow for better ventilation. 

Picture Windows

If you want to let in tons of natural light and make a statement, a picture window is an excellent choice.

Picture windows are very wide and fixed, meaning they don’t open or close. They feature one large pane of glass, usually surrounded by a simple frame, and don’t have any grills that might obstruct one’s view.

Living room with picture windows

Arch Radius Windows

An arch radius window is a very versatile window style. It’s characterized by a square or rectangular bottom and a rounded, half-circle top.

This type of window lets in plenty of natural light and adds soft curves to the design of your home. It also complements the horizontal and vertical lines that you’ll find in traditional doors and windows.

If you wish, you can install an arch radius window on top of an existing window to create an elegant effect and make a statement.

Casement Windows

Casement windows feature hinges on one end. They open outward to allow for ventilation on the opposite end. This type of window is very easy to open and is great for those who want to maximize airflow throughout their home.

Awning Windows

An awning window is a unique window style that features a top sash with a hinge. This allows the window to open and tilt outward from the bottom.

For those who want to open their windows and enjoy the sound and smell of the rain without letting water in, awning windows are the perfect solution.

Because of the way they open, they keep the rain out while still allowing fresh, clean air to flow inside.

Room with Bay Bow Windows

Bay-Bow Windows

Bay-bow windows create additional depth and allow for more space inside of your home and provide you with an extended view. They feature three or more windows that angle out beyond the exterior wall.

Bay-bow windows can also add more seating to your living areas. By adding a window seat, you can create more room for guests and help your house to feel more inviting.

Window Frames

What About Window Frames?

In addition to the window style, it’s also important to talk about window frames. At Paul Ryan Windows, we use vinyl frames for all of our windows. 

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl is extremely durable and one of the most popular window frame materials. It won’t fade or rot over time, and it doesn’t require painting or finishing.

Vinyl is also a great energy-efficient solution because it helps windows to resist heat transfer.

Energy Efficient Is a Must

Speaking of energy efficiency, we’re dedicated to making sure all of our windows are as energy efficient as possible. If you are going to invest in new windows, we believe that you ought to see a return on your investment in the form of lower energy bills.

With the help of features like double-pane glass and Low-E coatings with argon gas, our windows will keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the hot Houston summers without our heater or air conditioner having to go into overdrive.

It’s time to say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to a more comfortable home!

Why Paul Ryan Windows?

It’s understandable if you feel daunted by the task of choosing new windows. With the help of our replacement window buying guide, though, it’ll be easier than ever for you to choose windows that fit your specific needs and preferences.

Are you ready to invest in replacement windows?

If so, our value engineers are here to help at Paul Ryan Windows.

With over 35 years of experience, we know how to help you choose the perfect windows for your home and install them in the most efficient way possible.

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*Any size single-hung, fixed or slider included as long as it does not exceed manufacturer limitations. Special shapes and cosmetic upgrades are an additional cost, as well as an upgraded series. Prices may vary by city or region.