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Frequently Asked Questions

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Homeowners can expect a professional and friendly consultation when you call Paul Ryan Windows. We’re not like other window companies who only care about a sale. Our process is easy and efficient, with no high-pressure sales tactics. We assess the customer’s needs based on a series of questions, offer suggestions for window type, measure window specs and offer the homeowner financing options. We also can answer any and all questions on window materials, the benefits of single vs double hung windows and much more.

The entire process takes anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes depending on the homeowner. Our experts are flexible and can come at whatever time is most convenient for the homeowner. There have been instances where homeowners prefer to have their quotes done in the evening, when their kids have gone to bed, and we are respectful of these preferences. 

Once the contract has been signed, and windows selected, depending on the maufacturer the process can take as little as five to six weeks. 

Replacement & Installation

The process is simple and easy, with our installer reviewing the step-by-step details with the homeowner. The space is measured to ensure a custom fit, the installer reviews the color preference, specs are reviewed and submitted for order. Once the product is delivered and a quality check is performed at the warehouse, the installer will schedule a convenient time with the homeowner, and the installation process begins. Tarps are placed indoor and outdoor, and furniture is protected by plastic. We recommend homeowners remove pictures and knickknacks around the window and surrounding area. In some instances, when needed, we are happy to help move furniture as we recommend furniture is moved at least 2 ft. from the wall. Windows are then installed, which is normally a two-day process, and once the job is completed our installers clean all debris and haul it away at no extra charge.

Once the windows are delivered it is normally a two day process. Our installers can install about 20 windows day. At your consultation, an installer can give the homeowner an approximate time frame for completion. Will the replacement windows be installed from the inside or outside of the house? Windows can be installed from both inside or outside of the house.

We recommend that you remove pictures and knickknacks from the wall where the window is located. We also recommend that furniture be moved at least 2 ft. away from the wall. If needed, our installers are happy to help move furniture.

Yes, we install replacement windows year-round.

We do not install windows for new construction based on builder regulations and rules, however if homeowners are able to choose their own windows, we can order and offer delivery. We recommend checking with the builder for details on new construction.

about windows

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. There are many different types: double-hung, single-hung, casement windows, awning windows, picture windows and much more.

The best windows to buy are the ones that fit your budget and individual needs. There is no “best” window as a variety of factors go into choosing a window, each based on the homeowner’s preference. We do recommend our vinyl window series to homeowners, and we offer windows able to withstand hurricane force winds.

We recommend first assessing where you live. For example, our neighbors in the Galveston, and surrounding areas, are more likely to choose windows that can withstand strong winds. Next, determine which features are important, such as safety, energy efficiency or aesthetics. The Paul Ryan Windows professionals can offer guidance and help homeowners answer these questions to find the perfect fit for your home.

An impact resistant window is designed to withstand hurricane force winds and is constructed of laminate glass.

Yes, impact-resistant windows deter break-ins by over 50%.

Energy efficient windows are designed to help homeowners save money, are attractive and less heat conductive. They have more features than standard aluminum, and are an insulated glass, resulting in better performance, keeping the heat out and the cold in.

Each home is different, cost is dependent on the number of stories, number of windows and type. For reference, a standard three-bedroom single-story home can cost from $2500 - $7000. For best price options call 844-375-1326 for a free consultation.

The life expectancy of a window is usually around 30 years. For reference, the completed jobs by Paul Ryan Windows haven’t had to be replaced once the job has been completed.

Signs a homeowner needs new windows are drafts, condensation on the inside of the home, broken windows and in some cases A/C going out.

The life expectancy of a window usually around 30 years. For reference, the completed jobs by Paul Ryan Windows haven’t had to be replaced once the job has been completed.

Homeowners should replace their windows if they see the signs listed above.

We recommend replacement as windows cannot be repaired.

We recommend the homeowner weigh all their options, the most important being budget and needs. Our experts can guide the homeowner towards the option that best suits their needs.

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