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Patio Doors for Hosting: the Prim, the Proper, and the Partiers

Houston is the perfect city to entertain guests. Big homes with lots of space, nice-sized patios, and moderate temperatures year-round are all the reasons to have more get-togethers and barbeques. Even Thanksgiving and Christmas in Houston can sometimes be spent traipsing between the patio and kitchen. Now picture forty people, including fifteen hyperactive kids moving from indoor to outdoor, while you’re frying a turkey on the patio and your wife is prepping all the side fixins in the kitchen.

That’s a lot of people shuffling in and out, so in a house with a regular-sized door leading to your backyard, think about how you can achieve better flow, access, and airiness by installing a new patio door.

But before you decide on what kind of patio door to get, first think about how you use your home, the type of host you are, the type of guests you host, and your vision for the perfect flow for your gatherings.


As trivial as a patio door may seem, it can make a big difference in how your guests and your gatherings flow, especially if you are the type of person that likes to entertain – and entertain well. There are a handful of patio door styles to choose from.

Are you a once-in-a-while host that enjoys sharing the charm of your home with others from time to time? Are you a frequent partier with a Texas-sized family and lots of friends? Are you the distinguished host that seeks to impress with novelty? Or are you simply wanting to replace your old patio door for more energy efficiency in order to keep your indoor temperature consistent?

Once you decide on which patio door is best for you, ask a door installation company about the most advanced features like Low E, aluminum seals, shatter-proof glass, and hook-over locks to better manage temperature, security, and safety.



If you are the practical, frequent party host with lots of friends and kids in the family, a sliding door may be the right option for you. Because sliding doors glide from side to side as opposed to being swung open, you don’t have to listen to the door slamming every time someone goes from inside to outside.

While a standard door forces your guests into single file lines through the doorway, a sliding door provides a wider entryway for multiple people to travel from inside to outside. And if you’re serving Thanksgiving dinner to a tribe of people out on the patio, sliding doors make it so much easier for a host to move tables, chairs, platters and your 12 lb. turkey outside.

Also, because sliding doors typically have glass panels from top to bottom, your guests inside can easily feel connected to the folks hanging out back. Shatterproof glass is now offered to homeowners for increased safety. For enhanced security, talk to a window or patio door specialist about incorporated gaskets, aluminium seals, fixed leaves, and a hook-over locking mechanism.


Swinging and French Style doors are perfect for the dainty, charming host. If you want a double-door sized entryway without compromising the charm of your home or your party, these may be the option for you. Because swinging doors open inward and use more space, they are better for hosts of smaller groups who aren’t worried so much about losing space (or the slamming of doors by ten kids on the loose). Swinging, or hinged doors, usually have full view glass panels in doors that are center hung. French doors are also made of two doors but are hinged at the side jambs so that the door panels meet when closed. With French doors, the entire area between the hinges is clear when you open them.


If you’re the type of host that likes to wow your guests, a folding patio door will certainly impress even the most discerning of your friends. Just like a California hills style patio soiree, your guests will enjoy a wide panoramic view and full full access to the outdoors. Folding patio doors operate accordion-style with each section that slides on an overhead track and folds away without obstructions. Your guests can gracefully move from your living room – or whichever room you decide to place the folding doors – to the patio. This type of patio door would need a wide installation area to function optimally.

Finally, if you’re a homeowner simply looking to replace your old patio door for better insulation, protection, or energy efficiency to combat local weather, you can consult with a local window contractor in Houston that knows about products made particularly for Houston climate. They can talk to you about today’s most advanced technologies like Low E or storm doors that will keep your home comfortable and protected.