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What Is the Average Cost of Window Replacement? 

Did you know that heat gain and heat loss through your home’s windows is responsible for between 25 and 30 percent of your heating and cooling energy use? 

If your energy bills have been higher than you’d like lately, it might be time for a window replacement.

Read on to learn more about the average cost of window replacement and what you can expect when you invest in this project. 

Windows can help you save money on energy bills

Factors That Affect the Cost of Window Replacement 

There’s a lot that goes into determining the cost of your window replacement. The following are some of the key factors that a professional will take into account when calculating your quote. 

Materials Used 

The materials used in the window replacement will have a big impact on the cost of the project

There are lots of different window materials on the market, but vinyl is one of the most popular options. 

These windows are also very affordable and durable. 

Paul Ryan Windows offers a lifetime warranty on our vinyl windows, so you can rest easy knowing that they’ll look great and function properly for as long as they’re in place. 

Window Size and Shape 

Labor of Window Replacement

Of course, the larger your windows are, the more expensive it will be to replace them. 

The shape of your windows plays an important role, too. 

If you have a window in your house that is uniquely shaped, it will often take more work (and possibly more materials) to replace it. 


Labor of Window Replacement

The amount of labor required to replace a window has an influence on the cost as well. It’ll vary depending on the types of windows you’re having replaced, as well as the windows’ size. 

When you’re shopping around for a window replacement company, look for one that charges a flat rate for their labor. 

At Paul Ryan Windows, we charge a flat fee for each window we install (there are no hourly rates), and we don’t charge extra for window removal. 

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What Is the Average Cost of Window Replacement? 

As you can see, there are plenty of factors that will alter the total cost of your window replacement. Remember, too, that replacement charges are usually calculated on a per-window basis. The number of windows you’re having replaced will influence the total cost of the project. 

You could spend less taking a DIY approach (that would cost you around $200-$300 per window), or work with a casual, independent window replacement one man show on a one-time basis (that can cost you around $400 per window).  

However, please note that in both scenarios the windows come with no warranty, as most independent window replacers don’t carry insurance. 

If you’d rather spend more and feel confident in the longevity of your new windows, though, working with an experienced pro like Paul Ryan Windows is the way to go.  

Paul Ryan Windows is a professional, reputable, and insured company that charges a flat fee of $399 per window (assuming the window doesn’t have a unique shape, tempered glass, or require a cosmetic upgrade). 

With this cost comes a lifetime warranty and peace of mind that the job is done correctly.

Benefits of Professional Window Replacement 

At this point, you might be questioning your decision to have your windows replaced.  

You might be wondering if it’s actually worth it for you to pay someone to get rid of your existing windows and install new ones. 

The truth is that there are lots of benefits that come with professional window replacement, including the following. 

Save Money 

Remember, if you have old, outdated windows, you’re probably spending more money than you’d like on your monthly energy bills.  

Investing in new windows now could help you save a fortune in utility costs while also helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.  

Improve Your House’s Appearance 

Replacing your windows is a simple (although not exactly easy) way to freshen up your house and make it more attractive. You’ll be amazed at what a replacement does for your house’s curb appeal.

If you try to take a DIY approach to window replacement, you’ll likely make some mistakes along the way that could alter your house’s appearance in a negative way. 

Why not leave it to the pros and get a high-quality finished product? 

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Increase Your House’s Resale Value 

In addition to helping your house look better to you, your guests, and neighbors, a window replacement can also make your house more appealing to potential buyers. 

If you have plans to sell your house in the near future, you may want to invest in new windows now. This will help you add to your house’s resale value and get more from it when the time comes to put it on the market. 

Increased Energy Efficiency 

Most homeowners want to make their residences more energy-efficient, and window replacement is a good way to do this.

This is especially true now that all windows are required to be double-paned windows. 

Double-paned windows are comprised of two panes of glass with argon in between, which helps to hold the glass in place and prevents air leaks.

If you want to save money on energy bills while also making your house more earth-friendly, investing in new windows is a good step to take.

Enjoy Peace of Mind 

Finally, when you pay for a professional window replacement, you get to enjoy peace of mind knowing the job was done correctly the first time around. 

You won’t have to worry about mistakes that could make your house less energy-efficient, and you’ll have a guarantee that your windows will last. 

Get Your Windows Replaced Today 

Window Replacement Home

Now that you know more about the average cost of window replacement, it’s time to start making plans to refresh your house and upgrade your windows. 

In nearly all cases, the benefits of professional window replacement far outweigh the upfront costs. This is especially true when you work with a reputable window replacement service.

If you’re ready to have your windows replaced, contact us today at Paul Ryan Windows. 

For more than 35 years, we’ve been providing superior customer service and helping customers throughout the Houston area get high-quality and budget-friendly window and door replacements. 

We can’t wait to assist you with your next project. 

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