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Eight Reasons to buy Replacement Windows

If you’re thinking about whether or not to buy replacement windows, chances are one of these reasons is currently on your mind. Sometimes thinking about a big project can be daunting, but replacing windows needn’t be an overwhelming ‘all or nothing’ approach. Take your time, look around, plan a staged approach to transition to your dream house.


This reason leads to prompt action usually but it depends on the damage. When a window is broken, then repair or replacement becomes a priority. When the seal is broken between a double pane of glass and you’re seeing condensation between the panes, it hampers your view but maybe also affords you some time to look around at your options. Is it time for a change?


Security is important, whether you’re in your home or away on vacation, it’s nice to know your property is secured. If you feel there is a vulnerability, research the products which will give you back your peace of mind. In the Houston area the weather can also take us by surprise – it’s more fun to watch the storm while you’re safe and toasty indoors.


Times have moved on and technology keeps improving to help with energy efficiency. You get that ‘feel good’ mindset that you’re doing your part, and a translation to lower energy bills is more than welcome. If you have drafts around windows or doors, it’s time to review your options.


If you’re looking to sell, and know how important a first impression is for a potential buyer, windows are high on the list for making or breaking that pivotal moment. Yes, it’s a great way to impact the overall impression of your living space, but really, if you’re prepared to invest in order to sell, why not invest earlier and enjoy the new windows yourself?


Similar to the reason above, the investment you make in new windows carries through to the value of your home. Not only are you investing in a new ‘look’, you’re adding value to one of your most valuable assets.


Fall is a great time of year. The overwhelming heat of the summer is replaced by fresh breezes with the backdrop of falling leaves. If you feel your house is ‘stuffy’ and want to enjoy some of that fresh air, replacing even one or two windows (strategically placed!) will bring the outdoors ‘in’. A new window could be literally ‘a breath of fresh air!’


Older windows with painted frames inevitably require ongoing maintenance. Managing this is time consuming and an ongoing cost. Newer windows are designed with the future in mind and utilize materials which are not only easier to clean in terms of time and money, they look cleaner when compared to their older counterparts. Sleek and modern design offers more than aesthetics, the design lends itself to easy cleaning and maintenance.


Not to be overlooked, another great reason for replacing windows is simply because you want to. Maybe your neighbor is working on their house and you have window envy (!), maybe you’ve been to a showroom or seen a magazine with a ‘look’ that you know will fit your home and sense of style.

Whatever your reason, we have the experience and product range to find your perfect window solution. If it’s time for a whole new design or if it’s time for a replacement similar to your existing window, contact us at Paul Ryan Windows for some inspiration, great value and friendly customer service.